Lise Morel

Lise Morel Lise’s passion for words as a child turned into a career after she was granted a First-Class English Literature and French Language degree (Aberdeen University, Scotland, UK). She has been working as a freelance translator since 1996 and now specializes in audiovisual translations and creative adaptations, including subtitling. Recent years have seen her collaborate on projects as varied as several award-winning animation series, sports television shows, documentaries, short and feature films, comedy, websites, adverts and promotions… and even an off-Broadway show! Needless to say, as far as she’s concerned, variety definitely is the spice of life! Lise is particularly delighted to have been given the chance get involved with Rachelle Salnave’s intimate documentary “La Belle Vie”, given her family’s special bond with “la Perle des Antilles.”

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