Ron Kauvon

Born in New York and grew up in Haiti. On my 7th birthday, my mom got me a little Magnus organ and I fell in love with music instantly.

Started taking piano lessons at the age of 12 and basically music became an addiction to me. I would spend all my free time listening to the radio and dissecting songs to figure out the different instruments playing.

At 15, I got an opportunity to lead my church choir.. That really allowed my to learn and understand vocal arrangement and harmony.

Came back to the state at 17 to finish high school and serve my time in the military where I got a chance to meet all kinds of great musicians and got exposed to different cultures and music.

After the military, I decided to pursue music as a career and have been fortunate to work with many talented artists and labels in different genres of music.

It has been a beautiful and intense journey ever since.




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