Pascal Marcelin

Pascal Marcelin has worked as an editor, photographer and media arts instructor for over ten years. His work in photography has ranged from fashion, still life and photojournalism and after several years as a freelance photographer and graphic designer, he has combined his love of imagery with video editing and motion graphics work. As a graduate of Temple University’s School of Communications, his personable yet professional approach to each project combined with his technical excellence in video production, motion graphics and video editing has allowed Pascal to create and collaborate on several film and music video productions such as SNIPES featuring Nelly and Zoe Saldana, “BACCHANAL TIME- THE PEOPLES CARNIVAL”, directed by Ryan Saunders, Malkia Lydia’s “GIFT”, Bohemian Fifth’s “PACEMAKER” and Squadzilla’s-“STRESS PHILLY”. His independent creative work also includes designing the book cover for Michelle McGriff’s “OBSESSION 101” and several album covers for independent artists. Pascal is based in Philadelphia, PA

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