Jean H. Marcelin

Jean H. Marcelin has worked as a photographer, graphic designer and Industrial Arts instructor for the past 15 years.  Much of Marcelin’s work has been inspired by the Haitian culture, and his roots being of Haiti, as well as the colorful array of people indigenous to the Caribbean. Marcelin’s collection of documentary reportage captures the day to day life in an honest and unforced manner. Marcelin’s photography has been featured at the Haiti Cultural Exchange in NY, Miami’s Art Basel and The Little Haiti Cultural Center to name a few. More recently he has taken his still images to moving walks of life in his role as cinematographer in the narrative film Kidnappings and La Belle Vie: The Good Life. Jean H. Marcelin currently holds the seat as Executive Director and Co-Founder of a non-profit organization FePouLi focusing on exposing inner city youth to the arts with a taste of Haiti. Jean is currently based in Miami Florida.

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